Gareth will be launching his autobiography My Lion’s Heart in Gauteng on the 23rd of October ’14 – 18h30 at The Met Grill at Montecasino.  We would love to see you there.

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On the 15th March 2014, people across the globe are Marching for Lions. The aim of the march is to raise awareness around the industry of “canned hunting”.

Canned hunting is a practice that is legal in South Africa, where lions get bred in captivity, hand reared for use in the cub petting industry, and then when these tame lions are big enough they are shot in an enclosure (often drugged), for an enormous sum of money.

People around the world are calling for the South African government to ban canned hunting.

Says Gareth: When I first began independently researching and investigating into South Africa’s sordid canned lion industry in 1996, and subsequently collaborated with IFAW and The Cook Report in publicly exposing canned lion hunting in 1997, I could have never imagined that all these years later canned lion hunting would be still continuing in South Africa, and in fact has increased in alarming proportions. The fact that this has been allowed to happen is a very sad testament to the present ‘New’ South African government, and the outdated ‘if it pays, it stays’  mindset towards wildlife that the present government seemingly unthinkingly and unflinchingly, inherited and embraced, from the past apartheid regime. I urge the present government to acknowledge that prior to the arrival of settlers to this country, Africa had, and in places, still has, its own environmental beliefs and values – African Environmentalism. It was no coincidence that prior to the arrival of the settlers, southern Africa teemed with a diversity and variety of wildlife. Today, we need to strive towards an renaissance of African Environmentalism. Western trophy hunting is un-African, and is an outdated notion from the colonial past. Here in Africa we must recognize that the demand for ivory, rhino horn and lion bones, are not an African demand, but that of the East and the West. As is the demand to breed lions for the foreigners guns.


I salute every single person participating in the Global March for Lions. Thank you very much.

Click HERE to read more about this campaign, and how you can get involved.







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