Press coverage for Gareth Patterson (and media and reader reviews for My Lion’s Heart  will be added to this website in October 2014, once the book has been published).

Animal Talk LogoQuestions from AnimalTalk, for Gareth:

  1. As a youngster did you ever envision your life to take this road?
  2. Most people don’t know that the African lion is facing extinction. How serious is this?
  3. What is one important life lesson you have learned from your work with these amazing cats?
  4. What can we expect in your autobiography releasing later this year?

Click HERE to read Gareth’s answers.




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    One thought on “Press”

    1. Hi Gareth – love your website! Just thought I might mention that Lawrence Anthony’s name would have been an essential inclusion as a wildlife warrior, although sadly not with us any more!!
      Kindest regards

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    Gareth Patterson's Life for the Lions of Africa